At this time of recession, it takes an experienced and renowned administrator to utilize available resources to make a difference in the lives of the people.

Delta State Governor, Sen Ifeanyi Okowa came into office with five point agenda encapsulated in the acronym SMART which means; Strategic Wealth creation projects and provision of jobs for all Deltans; Meaningful peace building platforms aimed at political and social harmony; Agricultural reforms and accelerated industrialization; Relevant Health and Education policies; Transformed environment through urban renewal.”

During the campaign period preceding his election, Governor Okowa promised to revive technical colleges located at Agbor, Ofagbe and Sapele.

It did not therefore come as a surprise knowing his antecedents of keeping to promises when he awarded contracts for the three Technical Colleges.

This administration is convinced that the solution to our current unemployment crisis and youth restiveness is to focus attention on the acquisition of vocational and technical skills by our teeming youth population.

Without telling you stories, let me list our achievements in the Educational Sector

The Complete Renovation of Agbor Technical College were the government undertook the following:
– Conversion of Catering/Workshop Block to a Six-Classroom Block with Stores and Toilets;
– Conversion of a Six-Classroom Block without Stores and Toilets to a standard Classroom Block with Stores and Toilets;
– Demolition and reconstruction of Hostel Block;
– Renovation of Six-Classroom Block with Stores and Toilets;
– Renovation of three-Classroom Block with Stores and Toilets;
– Demolition of 2 Nos dilapidated Four-Classroom/Workshop Block and construction of 2 Nos Prototype Six-Classroom Block with Stores and Toilet facilities;
– Renovation of Prototype Building/Block Laying Workshop with Offices;
– Completion of Prototype Steel Stanchion and Structural roof Workshop Building;
– Construction of a 3-Bedroom Bungalow for the Principal;
– Completion of Prototype Steel Stanchion and Structural Roof Workshop –Building (Auto Mechanic and Welding Fabrication Workshop);
– Improvement of Multi-Purpose School Hall;
– Demolition and reconstruction of a Prototype Administrative Block; and
– Construction of Twin 2-Bedroom Staff Quarters (2No).
The awarded Phase II Project which captured construction of School Fence, Gate/Gate House have also been completed, while building of Generator House, Erosion Control and construction of the school’s access roads and drains are all currently work in progress
At Sapele Technical College, the state government also undertook the following:
– Renovation of principal’s Lodge (2-Bedroom Duplex Quarters and 18Nos Garages);
– Renovation of staff room/Computer Centre;
– Renovation/Rehabilitation of Hostel Block;
– Renovation of Painting and Decoration Block
– Renovation of Electrical Building
– Expansion/Renovation Of Generator House;
– Renovation of Electrical Workshop;
– Renovation of Radio, TV and Electronics Block;
– Renovation of Toilet Block by Woodwork and furniture Craft Practice Workshop;
– Renovation of Secretariat Department Typing Pool
– Completion of Science Laboratory
– Renovation/Alteration works of Administrative/Principal’s Office Block
– Renovation of Welding and Fabrication Classroom;
– Renovation of Mechanical Engineering Department Classroom Block;
– Renovation/Rehabilitation of Storey Building Hostel Block
– Renovation of Kitchen/Dining Hall;
– Provision of Overhead Water Tanks;
– Renovation of ICT/Assembly Hall;
– Renovation of Two-Classroom Block; and
– Renovation of Three-Classroom Block.
At Ofagbe Technical College, the Okowa administration undertook the following:
– Renovation of Boys Quarter;
– Renovation of Multi-Purpose Hall;
– Demolition and Reconstruction of Administrative Block (Principal’s Office);
– Renovation of Staff Quarters
– Renovation of Welding/Fabrication Workshop;
– Renovation of Automobile Workshop;
– Construction of Dining Hall;
– Construction of Block of Toilets;
– Renovation of Hostel Block (Storey Building)
– Renovation of Electrical Workshop
– Renovation of Mechanical Department (Six-Classroom Block);
– Renovation of Library Block
– Renovation of Science Laboratory/Business Studies Department; and
– Renovation of Mechanical Department (Four-Classroom Block)

However following the accolades that followed the reconstruction of the technical colleges and the reviving of technical colleges as grounds to empower the youths in particular with needed skills to be self-reliant and employers of labour, Governor Okowa, extended the reconstruction programmes of the technical colleges to those located at Kwale, Ogor and Issele-Uku, all in Delta State.

To Governor Okowa, technical and vocational education transforming the technical colleges would inculcate in the people the attitude of respect for and appreciation of the roles technical and vocational education plays in the society.

Governor Okowa can be singled out as a governor whose passion for technical education is unrivaled and the successful resumption of academic activities in the colleges have made them to be veritable platforms for youths of the state to acquire vocational training in any field of their choice or calling.

During one of the inspection visits to the colleges, the governor said, “we will take technical schools in the state to greater heights and it will impact positively, not only on the lives of the students, but also on their host communities”

The reconstructed works in the technical colleges include the reconstruction and upgrading of the staff quarters, male hostel block, library, examination hall, administrative and science blocks, mechanical, auto mechanical and electrical workshops.

While commissioning the projects, Governor Okowa said his administration was not going to compromise technical education of the youths of the state which will enable them to be future entrepreneurs and employers of labour.

The Governor said, “we need to re-equip our schools after providing the physical structures, we need to establish the boarding facilities from the next academic session.

Technical education is one of our cardinal programmes because, they afford our youths the opportunity to acquire skills and be employers of labour in future.

We require this school and many other schools in the state to develop skills of our youths who will in turn, provide employment for our children in the future.”

No doubt, the emergence of Governor Okowa in Delta State has truly brought unprecedented prosperity to the land.

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